Bamboo Tiki Corner Bar - TCORN


Bamboo Tiki Corner Bar (NEW)

Transport your outdoor space or game room into a tropical paradise with RAM Game Room's Bamboo Tiki Corner bar, a stunning addition to any entertainment space. 

Crafted with eco-friendly bamboo, this exquisite bar exudes island charm and durability, creating an inviting atmosphere for gatherings and relaxation. For added comfort and style, optional Bamboo stools are available, providing the perfect seating solution for guests to enjoy drinks and conversation.

Use as a stand alone bar or for larger spaces create a truly immersive Tiki bar experience, and add an optional 60" Bamboo Tiki Bar that seamlessly connects one or more Corner Bar units, transforming them into a grand and expansive Tiki oasis. Add a mini fridge to your corner bar unit and keep those drinks frosty on a hot summer day.

Whether for casual hangouts or lively celebrations, the Bamboo Tiki Corner Bar and optional accessories from RAM Game Room elevate any space into a tropical retreat, where memories are made and good times abound.


Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions  H 40" × W 50" × D 28" (Counter top height - 40")

Stem holders

UV Protection

Protective paint coating



Ship Method

LTL freight


Kiln Dried Bamboo