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The Best Billiard Lighting to Increase Accuracy

The Best Billiard Lighting to Increase Accuracy

According to the standards set by the World Pool Association (WPA), a pool table must receive at least 520 lux (48 footcandles) of light at every point across its surface. No part of the table should be in shadow, nor should any area receive more or less light than another. How do you recreate this standard in your own home pool room? The most important thing to ensure is bright, uniform visibility, with the aim of maximizing accuracy for all players. Your choice of billiard lighting should help you to reach that standard, while also enhancing the aesthetic of your pool room.

The Importance of Billiard Lights Over A Pool Table

Billiard lights are an essential fixture in a pool room. They are not there merely to light the room. Rather, they provide focused light to the actual playing surface, eliminating shadow and casting a uniform light all across the table in order to heighten the accuracy of play. However, they are also a part of your interior design, which means you must choose your pool light and its shades carefully to ensure that it is in line with your chosen aesthetic. Your light will act as a centerpiece and set the ambience and mood while also enhancing the experience and enjoyment of the game. 

Extending the Theme with Effective Recreation Room Lighting

You have installed your table, along with other design elements. Now you need to choose the perfect light. As we have already said, you want your billiard lighting to extend and enhance the aesthetic of your game room. It adds a touch of elegance and style, encapsulating your own aesthetic preferences, and bringing it to tangible life in the heart of your entertainment area. Perhaps you prefer a more modern, minimalist look, or an old-fashioned, stained glass billiard light. RAM Game Room can offer both of these extremes, and several options in between.

No matter which style you choose, there are a few important functional matters to consider. Firstly, make sure your lights are positioned at the right height. They should be about 30-36” from the playing surface. Also, choose the right bulbs. LEDs are always the best choice for durability and even light distribution.

Final Touches with the Right Pool Table Light Fixtures

RAM Game Room has taken the time to create a curated collection of billiard lightings suited to a wide variety of tastes. Knockdown billiard features are often the first choice, due to their unmistakable pool hall aesthetic. They come in a choice of red, green and blue. However, you may prefer something more minimalist in design, such as a three-lamp fixture, with simple black vinyl wrapped around a steel shade and bar. We also have a variety of stained glass variants in rich, warm colors with metal framework and rustic iron finish. You have plenty of options, and you are sure to find the billiard lighting that will act as the perfect centerpiece for your game room. 

RAM Game Room is dedicated to providing quality furniture and accessories. Shop our complete range of billiard lighting, or contact us for more information on our products.
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